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Franklin Town Common



The team is reactive, proactive and retroactive in assessing and addressing hate and bias in the town of Franklin. The team also is committed to exploring ways of offering dialogue and support to individuals and the entire community with a goal of promoting love, inclusion and trust (“LIT”).


The Franklin Freedom Team meets monthly and as necessary.


The team is composed of members of the town of Franklin and is based on the Community 10 point Connection Model that roots pillars and central people in the community as a team dedicated to anti-racism, love, inclusion and trust.

Community 10-Point Connection Model

  1. Parents
  2. Students
  3. Education network (School District and/or College)
  4. Political representative
  5. Chief of Police
  6. Lawyer
  7. Clinician (trauma-informed)
  8. Clergy-person
  9. Restorative/Transformative Justice facilitator
  10. Social Media expert

Current Members

  • jamele adams, founder and transformative justice facilitator
  • Sara Ahern, Superintendent of Franklin Public Schools
  • Rabbi Tom Alpert, Temple Etz Chaim
  • Camille Napier Bernstein, community advocate
  • Justin Bates, founder of Franklin Area Against Racism
  • Cobi Frongillo, Town Councillor
  • Jamie Hellen, Town Administrator
  • Elise Howell, clinician
  • Chief TJ Lynch, Franklin Police Department
  • Rev. Kathy McAdams, Rector of St John's Episcopal Church and President of the Franklin Interfaith Council
  • Angelina Perez, student
  • Judith Perez, parent
  • Angela Snyder, lawyer
  • Meghan Whitmore, community advocate

Freedom Team Network