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Our Mission

The mission of the Franklin Freedom Team is to preserve freedom through unity in the community. Its members meet monthly to explore ways of offering dialogue and support to individuals and the entire community with a goal of promoting love, inclusion and trust (“LIT”) and moving beyond tolerance to embracing, celebrating and sharing our community’s diversity.

The first Freedom Team was formed in 2016 in Natick through the inspiration of Jamele Adams; the Franklin Freedom Team formed in 2020.

To report hate, bias-motivated threats, harassment and violence

Residents of Franklin are urged to call the hotline or contact the Franklin Freedom Team at if they have experienced or witnessed bias-motivated threats, harassment or violence. The Freedom Team will offer a safe, private and respectful space to discuss the incident using a transformative justice model not only to try to repair the harm through inclusion, trust and equity, but also to educate and strengthen the community. The Freedom Team stands for inclusion and provides support and opportunity for reconciliation to people who experience threats, harassment or violence related to race, color, sex, gender, gender identy, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, or class.

Residents who fear for their immediate safety or have an emergency should call 911 immediately.